Interest Groups

October - December 2018

Interest Groups are gatherings of people who come together based on shared interests and provide a way to connect with others in our church family and beyond. 

To join a group, please see the listings below, view group descriptions, and then reach out to the group host to get connected!

For any additional questions, contact Pastor Daniel at

PLEASE NOTE:  MBIC is not providing oversight to interest group gatherings.  Thus, we have no involvement in ensuring participant safety as you take part in any activity that you choose.  To that end, we encourage you to consider the safety of these activities like you would for any activity outside of MBIC. 

Knitting & Crocheting Prayer Shawls and Lap Robes

Host: Fannie Sue Martin

Contact: 717-644-2042

This group is for those who knit or crochet or want to learn. We will knit and crochet prayer shawls and lap robes that will be given to the Cancer Institute in Lancaster. Participants will need to purchase their own yarn. Please contact Fannie Sue for yarn and needle/hook specifics as well as time and place.

(Max. capacity 10-15 people)



Host: Steve Guion

Contact: or 717-371-1259

This group is for adults interested in antiques and hunting for antiques.  Bring a topic or item to discuss and a story of "The Fun of the Hunt." Please contact Steve for meeting schedule and place of meeting. 

(Max. capacity 20-30 people)


Mountain Biking

Host: Ryan Gerlach


This group is for mountain bikers looking to ride together on casual trail rides. Possible locations are Governor Dick, Camp Mack or Swatara State park.  Participants will need a mountain bike and helmet. 

(Max. capacity 10 people)


Martial Arts

Host: Danilo Crosby

Contact: or 858-322-3230

Join a practical approach martial arts group. Adults and families eager to learn and share what you know about martial arts are welcome. All participants are required to sign a waiver before joining.   

(Max. capacity 30 people)


Scrapbooking / Card making

Host: Carol Huber

Contact: or 717-665-6279

This group will meet once a month for approximately 90 minutes for scrap-booking, card making and fellowship.  (age limit: 14+) 

(Max. capacity 6-8 people)


Motorcycle Trips 

Host: Glenn Stoltzfus

Contact: or 717-405-0698

This is an opportunity for motorcycle riders to join up and go for a ride.  Frequency, length of rides, and destinations are all open for discussion.  This group is open to anyone with a motorcycle and time on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Start will always be at the church parking lot. 

(Max. capacity *open* )


Mommy and Me Preschool Music Class

Host: Rachel Russell

Contact: or 610-463-5618

This is a music class for young children (approximately 2-4 years old) and their moms/ caregivers.  We will sing, play instruments, and move to music with the goal of strengthening parent/child relationships while building musical skills and developing language skills.  No specific music knowledge is needed - only a willingness for the parent/caregiver to lead and interact with their child during class.   

(Max. capacity 10-20 people)


Dog Walking 

Hosts: Cindy and Emma Thomas


This is a group for anyone who wants to get out with their dog(s) to connect, walk, and talk.  We'll meet at locations in and around Manheim.  Each walk will be approximately 45-60 minutes.  

(Max. capacity *open* )


Trail Running 

Hosts: Brian Thomas, Ryan Gerlach, and Aaron Cutarelli


This is a group for anyone wanting to run trails this fall.  We'll try to get out approximately 3 times over the next several months.  Runs will be at a slow, conversational pace.  Terrain will be a mix of single-track and jeep roads with moderate technicality.  Run distances will be approximately 4-6 miles. 

(Max. capacity *open* )



Host: Deb Newton


This group is for those who sew or want to learn how to sew with a sewing machine. Please contact Deb for supply specifics as well as time and place.

(Max. capacity 10 people)


Ladies' Game Night

Hosts: Lindsay Faro and Brittany Cutarelli

Contact: or 267-222-2911

This is a group for ladies of all ages who are interested in having fun playing games.  The group will meet the first Tuesday of every month (6:30-9:00pm) starting in October.  Please contact Lindsay for additional details and location.   

(Max. capacity 8 ladies)



Host: Jason Redcay

Contact:  or 717-371-3378

This group gathers to play basketball in the MBIC gym on Tuesday evenings from 7-9pm.  Target audience for this group is guys aged 30 and over.

(Max. capacity *open* )

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