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Interest Group Specific Fellowship & Bible Study

At MBIC we have different interest group oriented ministries that invite to and nurture a growing relationship with Christ. Leadership teams plan, organize and facilitate Bible Studies, events and fellowship that is suited for each specific group. 

Ezra had set his heart to study the Law of the Lord, and to do it and to teach his statutes and rules.

Ezra 7:10 (ESV)

Men's Ministry

The MBIC Men's Ministry of Manheim BIC strives to establish a brotherhood within the church that allows men of all ages and background to connect, be challenged and draw nearer to God.  

Current study:


Fight | Room 18

Every Wednesday 6:30-8:00pm

Facilitator: Daniel Sick & Team

Starts May 16, 2018


The Summer Bible Study will be organized a little bit differently. Click here for the Men's Ministry Summer Schedule 2018

Women's Ministry

The Women's Ministry on Manheim BIC strives to provide a community within the church that allows women of all ages and backgrounds to connect, be encouraged and draw nearer to God. 

Current studies:

Jeremiah | Room 18

Every Monday 6:30-8:00pm

Facilitator: Gail Steinweg

Starts on May 14, 2018.


Women’s Ministry would like YOUR quick feedback on things you would like to see as part of Manheim BIC Women’s Ministry.

Click here for a short survey.

For more information feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to seeing you in one of our ministries!

Adult Ministry
Daniel R Sick
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Phone:(717) 826-5429
Cell:(717) 892-8592
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JOB DESCRIPTION: Faith Formation Pastor

BORN: Daniel was born and raised in Germany, close to the French and Swiss border.

ATTENDED MBIC SINCE: Daniel has visited MBIC for the first time in 1997 and was married in the MBIC chapel in summer of 1999. As a missionary, MBIC was his US based home church.

BEFORE JOINING THE MBIC STAFF: Daniel has worked as a missionary first in Yap/Micronesia (2002-2006) and then as a missionary in Ecuador (2007-2017). Daniel has also learn the trade of carpentry prior to becoming a pastor.

CURRENT HOME: Daniel lives in Manheim with his wife Dana and his 5 kids: Benjamin, Caleb, Jessica, Sabrina, Alexa
Adult Ministry
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