Cancer Support Network


For information, please contact:

Eunice at

The Cancer Support Network provides care for individuals and families in our congregation and also in the community, who are living with cancer related issues. The Network meets regularly to develop personalized care plans for individuals and their families. The group envisions developing a fund raising component to come along side local families with medical related costs.

Resources & Support

Lancaster General Health's Cancer Institute Community is a local support group for those with cancer.

How can I Help?

  • purchase a gift card (gas, groceries, restaurant)
  • provide a box of groceries
  • gardening or mowing grass
  • snow removal
  • take out trash
  • care for pets
  • laundry
  • clean house
  • child care
  • transportation
  • homemade meals or dinners for freezer
  • massage therapy
  • soft twin-size blankets
  • cozy homemade hats
  • help with fund-raising to defray medical expenses
  • run errands