The Parables of Jesus

Join us this summer as we look at 9 of Jesus’ parables and how each of these stories points us to the beauty of King Jesus 800and how living under His authority is the only way to truly live.

The Midnight Caller SERIES The Midnight Caller

Sermon 9-6-15 // Pastor Bill

The Unforgiving Servant SERIES The Unforgiving Servant

Sermon 8-30-15 // Pastor Dustin

The Two Debtors SERIES The Two Debtors

Sermon 8-23-15 // Pastor Brian

The Shrewd Manager SERIES The Shrewd Manager

Sermon 8-16-15 // Pastor Dustin

The Good Samaritan SERIES The Good Samaritan

Sermon 8-9-15 // Pastor Brian

The Sower SERIES The Sower

Sermon 8-2-15 // Pastor Brian

Lost SERIES Lost

Sermon 7-26-15 // Pastor Bill

The Tower and the King SERIES The Tower and the King

Sermon 7-19-15 // Pastor Brian

The Kingdom of Heaven SERIES The Kingdom of Heaven

Sermon 7-12-15 // Pastor Brian

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