Membership at MBIC is about joining a community that humbly gathers to follow Jesus.  In becoming part of this church family, you come alongside other sinners in a life long journey toward forgiveness and wholeness in Christ, in sharing the love of Jesus, and proclaiming & living out the Gospel message locally and globally.  -Pastor Brian Thomas


Membership Application Process: 

  1. Register for an upcoming Membership Orientation Class
  2. Receipt of your registration will be confirmed by email. 
  3. Complete the pre-class reading of I am a Church Member by Thomas Rainer.  Books will be available at the Welcome Desk in the church lobby a month before class.
  4. Attend the Membership Orientation Class.
  5. Following attendance at the Membership Orientation Class, we’ll arrange to have you meet with one of our Leadership Board members in your home or at church to go over the MBIC Membership Commitment
  6. Upon signing the MBIC Membership Commitment, your name will be brought before our MBIC Leadership Board for review and acceptance into membership.
  7. Following this review and acceptance process, results will be communicated to you.
  8. Names of new members will be published in the church bulletin


Questions? Contact Pastor Brian at or Pastor Dustin at or call 717-665-2133.


Manheim BIC Membership Application

Membership Orientation class
the next opportunity will be April 29, 2018 from 10:30am-12pm, followed by lunch together. 

Deadline for this class is March 18, 2018.

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What excites you about this church family, and why do you wish to join? *
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Do you plan to join us for the provided lunch after class?*
Do you have children involved in Sunday Morning programming that will need care until class is over at 12? *
If yes, please provide the name of child/children and ages needing care, and this will be communicated to our Children's Ministry Director.