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Corby Burkholder
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JOB DESCRIPTION: Corby overseas all Student Ministry with a direct leadership over Sr. High Youth, which meets on Monday nights, as well as several retreats throughout the year.

BORN: Corby was born and raised in Manheim and Graduated from Manheim Central in 1996

ATTENDED MBIC SINCE: Corby has been serving at Manheim in the Student Ministry since 1998. He officially joined the staff in 2005 and became a licensed Brethren In Christ Pastor in 2009. In 2014 He transitioned to Lead Youth Pastor.

BEFORE JOINING THE MBIC STAFF: Corby worked for a Family Business and attended Lancaster Bible College

CURRENT HOME: Corby lives in Manhiem with his wife and 2 children.
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Our MBIC young adult group is called the Foundry and serves as a connection point for our college and career age young adults. Foundry seeks to equip and resource our young adults to live out a real faith in today's world. Have specific questions about our MBIC young adult group? Feel free to contact us!

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Dog days of Summer!

July 16th - Christians and Politics (Meet @ Corby's 122 S. Fulton St Manheim)
July 23rd - Same Sex Marriage (Meet @ Corby's 122 S. Fulton St Manheim, Bring lawn Chairs)
July 30 - To Be Determined?
Aug 6th - Pool Party @ Gloria B's (181 Loghes Dr. Manheim)
Aug 13th - Gender Equality Issues
Aug 20th - Social Media, connected or not?
Aug 27th - Porn, is it Ok?




Summer 2017 at the Foundry

Hot topics for the dog days of summer!